1. How are advance sales going?

Since the demand for our backpacks is too high to keep them permanently available, we have decided to accept pre-orders in stages for a short period of time.
The daypack from this pre-order stage will arrive at your home by mid-August at the latest. Of course we will inform you in good time.

2. How can I return items?

You don't really like the backpack? No problem! If you would like to return something, please feel free to send us a short email to info@onemate.de. We will then create your personal DHL label, which you can stick on the closed box. You can then drop off the package at any DHL station. Once the package arrives at our warehouse, we will refund you the amount immediately.

3. Where are your products made?

Our products have so far been produced in China by certified manufacturers. Many people associate China as a manufacturing location with poor production standards and conditions. In our experience, China has many innovative and committed people who are developing new and sustainable technologies. We regularly monitor our manufacturers and ensure compliance with ethical and moral standards. We are grateful for the qualified people who are involved in the production of our high-quality products. And we also carry out regular audits with every production batch and check the production conditions.

The material of our backpacks is made from recycled plastic bottles. Basically, it is often the case that plastic is not recycled and therefore there is no closed cycle. The reason for this is that the proportion of new plastic in PET bottles has to be very high so that the new plastic bottles that hit the shelves look clean. A logical conclusion is that a large proportion of plastic bottles are therefore not recycled. We have made it our mission to use these bottles and give them new life by integrating them into a new product life cycle. Some of the bottles we use come from Germany, as old plastic bottles are also exported to China.

4. Further questions?

You are welcome to use our contact form or send us your question to info@onemate.de. We look forward to your message!